Canterbury College Inside Out

Final College Interview Video

The objective for this task was to record a short film package as a group about our college, then edit it to create a good quality video. During this task we made sure that the health and safety rules were obeyed such as no one getting in harms way or put in any danger, there were no tripping hazards and acted safe in the area we chose to record both visuals and audio.

The task was completed and the video did work, but opening it up now the audio seems to be broken in parts which is has an unknown cause.

Canterbury College Inside Out

One thought on “Canterbury College Inside Out

  1. You have worked effectively as a group and planed and executed video to a good standard. This is your first video exercise. I have see your final version of the video during editing process and it is shame the sound does not work. In the future create a You Tube account and save your work on the You Tube. This will prevent problems such as loosing sound.


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