Vox Interview Practice



Objective of task: The task was to come up with a question that would lead to open answers and obtain a lot of information. We had to ask people around the college these questions and record them in a vox interview style format. Once recorded we had to create a video by editing the footage we recorded then upload to YouTube.

The effectiveness of the group work was decent. We did well creating and asking questions to people as well as getting a wide variety of people for our video with different answers.

The skills I learnt from this task is the correct to ask questions when interviewing people and also how to create good open questions that flow into more questions naturally for more information and data.

A problem I had with this task was that the editing software was buggy and I couldn’t edit the footage properly because of this. This caused the visuals to look out of focus and lower quality and the audio to sound low quality with a lot of background noise. Another problem was that the cameras didn’t focus well when recording causing the visuals to look lower detailed then they first appeared. I managed to make the video look a bit better with editing, however due to the software being faulty it was limited.

The feedback I received for the video was good. That the visuals was a bit off and the sound needed work but it was understood that the software was faulty. People also gave me positive feedback about the questions asked and the amount of people we asked them too.

I think I can improve by getting better footage such as close ups and getting interviews in a quieter area to obtain less background noise. I also think my editing could have been a lot better both audio and visual wise.


Vox Interview Practice

One thought on “Vox Interview Practice

  1. You have done the best you could on this task. This was your first video exercise and for that reason it went very well. There are issues with framing and sound quality, but we spoke about it and talked about the way you can solve those problems in the future.
    Good self evaluation produced.


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