Audio Samples

Loud Audio: In this audio, I was in the student union area standing in the canteen part; the area was noisy on and off. I described the sounds, smells, feelings and lighting as well as background sounds such as music. It picked up a lot of sounds and was very clear, however I do think that I could of picked a louder setting as well as waiting for the room to be louder which it was at some points between recording.

Quiet Audio: In this audio, I was in a corner of a hallway; the area was very quiet when no one was in it however echoed when people were walking past. I described the feelings, sounds and surroundings of the area I was in. Even though the area was quiet, you can hear background noise of other people which can be a bit noisy so next time I should pick a better quiet place.

Outside Audio: In this audio, I was outside next to the construction area at Canterbury College. The area was open and wide with buildings next to me where brick laying is practised. I described the noises, lighting, area, temperature and the feel of the surroundings. The area was a good location but I think I could of been more descriptive about the area in general and I repeated myself at the end mentioning the weather feeling twice. Overall, I think I painted a good picture of the settings I was talking about however I do think I could of improved in several ways such as making it sound like I was describing it to a person, which I will do for a future task that has similar objectives.


Audio Samples

One thought on “Audio Samples

  1. Good attempt on this task. It obvious made you aware of importance of spoken language and choice of words on the radio as well as how you can paint the picture using words only on the radio.
    Your evaluation is very detail and self- critical.


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