Week 1:


Objective of task: The task was to come up with a question that would lead to open answers and obtain a lot of information. We had to ask people around the college these questions and record them in a vox interview style format. Once recorded we had to create a video by editing the footage we recorded then upload to YouTube.

The effectiveness of the group work was decent. We did well creating and asking questions to people as well as getting a wide variety of people for our video with different answers.

The skills I learnt from this task is the correct to ask questions when interviewing people and also how to create good open questions that flow into more questions naturally for more information and data.

A problem I had with this task was that the editing software was buggy and I couldn’t edit the footage properly because of this. This caused the visuals to look out of focus and lower quality and the audio to sound low quality with a lot of background noise. Another problem was that the cameras didn’t focus well when recording causing the visuals to look lower detailed then they first appeared. I managed to make the video look a bit better with editing, however due to the software being faulty it was limited.

The feedback I received for the video was good. That the visuals was a bit off and the sound needed work but it was understood that the software was faulty. People also gave me positive feedback about the questions asked and the amount of people we asked them too.

I think I can improve by getting better footage such as close ups and getting interviews in a quieter area to obtain less background noise. I also think my editing could have been a lot better both audio and visual wise.

Week 2:


What was the task: The task was to come up with a topic and create some open questions to ask people in a interview. The style of interview we were to use was to show both the interviewee and the interviewer and show the connections and interactions between the both of them. We then had to edit the footage on Adobe Premiere and upload it to YouTube.

As a group of 5 we worked well. Each of us had a go at interviewing and holding the camera to get the correct angles and positions. We ended up recording four different people which gave us four different bunch of answers. After that we all selected one of the recordings each to edit so we could show every interview and how they can be different.

The skills I learnt through this task were the way to record in this style of interview. To have the rule of third and eye to eye contact within the shot. I also learnt the correct way to edit the footage and cut the parts that weren’t necessary.

A problem we faced was that in some of the interviews there was a bit of background noise that couldn’t of been avoided. To solve this we could of interviewed someone else in a quieter location, however this was difficult because the locations were mostly loud around the college and the number of people to interview was limited due to the awkward timing.

The feedback I received from my tutor was that the footage and editing was good. However the my tutor stated that it could of been improved if my footage had more interaction with the interviewee and interviewer. Also, my footage was very long to begin with so had to be redone after I received feedback to cut more to make it transition better and the video shorter.

I think next time I will improve by using different effects instead of the same ones I always use. I will also improve by having more interaction with the interviewee and and interviewer as well as having some jump cuts smoothly edited in to show this interaction at the same angle.

Week 3:


1/ The objective of the task was to record another interview like the interview we did the previous week but this time correcting what we did incorrectly last week. The chosen topic we decided to interview on was “films” and we created some open questions to ask the interviewee. We worked in groups of three, One being the interviewee, one being the interviewer and one working the camera.

The group worked really well. Everything was done correctly. The interviewer asked the questions clearly, had good connection and interaction with the interviewee and was well positioned. The interviewee was also well positioned, spoke clearly, had good eye contact and gave good long answers. My camera work was good as it was clear quality both visual and audio, had good angles and had good rule of third.

I learnt what I did wrong in the last interview and corrected them this time, with better cuts, smoother editing, better audio with less background noise and better overlay interaction. During this task we didn’t encounter any issues or problems.

The feedback received from my tutor was positive. She liked the video and interview in general. The only thing she said that she would change for next time is to have a bit sharper cuts after questions to get faster answers.

I would improve maybe on maybe the audio being a bit more clearer as well as maybe asking more questions to make the interview a bit longer.


Week 4:

(Was ill this week and didnt obtain the sutff to do greenscreen work, will catch up in the future)


Week 5:

1/ The objective of the task was to record a simple every day task and record a tutorial using the editing and filming style of continuity making it look fluid and smooth with no jump cuts with either the visual or audio. Once the recording and editing was done it was to be uploaded to YouTube.

2/ The effectiveness of the group was good. We were in a group of 5 and had someone assigned to do a specific role so everyone was involved. I was the camera man so my responsibilities were to get the right angles, quality and shots when recording. The other group members roles were to direct, check sound and help participate with the actual hair plaiting.

3/ The skills I learnt through this task was the 180 degree angle way of shooting to make the recording look more smooth and correct from a viewers point of view. I learnt about different styles of recording and am now more comfortable with it as well as the way of editing it.

4/ A problem that I faced personally was that the editing software was a bit faulty and kept dropping the audio/lagged behind audio. I fixed this by rendering the entire work area more often then usual which seemed to work however made it a lot more time consuming.

5/ My feedback from my tutor was that the end video was a good smooth tutorial and I completed all the necessities needed for this task. The audio was good with good volume music and dialog as well as good speed effects of the hair plaiting. The angles of the recording were all good and got a balanced prospective of the hair plaiting from different even angles.

6/ Next time when I do a similar task I think I will improve by using longer backing music instead of changing half way even though it blended in well. I would also find it easier to have a tripod for a more steady shot instead of holding it by hand.


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