Shooting Two People Interview with one Camera



1/ The objective of the task was to record another interview like the interview we did the previous week but this time correcting what we did incorrectly last week. The chosen topic we decided to interview on was “films” and we created some open questions to ask the interviewee. We worked in groups of three, One being the interviewee, one being the interviewer and one working the camera.

The group worked really well. Everything was done correctly. The interviewer asked the questions clearly, had good connection and interaction with the interviewee and was well positioned. The interviewee was also well positioned, spoke clearly, had good eye contact and gave good long answers. My camera work was good as it was clear quality both visual and audio, had good angles and had good rule of third.

I learnt what I did wrong in the last interview and corrected them this time, with better cuts, smoother editing, better audio with less background noise and better overlay interaction. During this task we didn’t encounter any issues or problems.

The feedback received from my tutor was positive. She liked the video and interview in general. The only thing she said that she would change for next time is to have a bit sharper cuts after questions to get faster answers.

I would improve maybe on maybe the audio being a bit more clearer as well as maybe asking more questions to make the interview a bit longer.

Shooting Two People Interview with one Camera

One thought on “Shooting Two People Interview with one Camera

  1. This task was really well executed. You have taken into account what have you done wrong previously and tried your best to follow the rules of ‘two people interview with one camera’. The topic is interesting, questions are well structured and the exercise is well filmed. The sound quality is slightly inconsistent due to recording questions separately. To overcome this problem in the future make sure to record some ambient sound of the location ( when was noisy) and add it to your edit.
    Overall excellent piece of work.


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