Interview Analysis

Analysis of Bon Jovi interview:

The interview is set on a stage with a homely feel with sofas, coffee tables, flowers and patterned wallpaper. The lighting is bright with what appears to be stage lights the brightness from the open window. The sound quality of the interview is clear and at the correct volume. You can hear no background noise or interference during the interview and is spread evenly through out the studio so you don’t hear more sound on the left than the right.

The lay out is the two interviewers on the left hand side and the two interviewees on the right hand side. The camera shots change from open shots that shows all of the interviewers and the scenery and changes to medium close shots of individuals when they are either asking or answering a question and when they are interacting with the person talking such as making eye contact and nodding. They use good rule of third angles when having the medium close up shots by ruling the eye contact to the upper third of the screen as well as position the individual facing each other. The interview also uses panning shots of still images while the interview is happening.

The body language of Bon Jovi is positive; making good eye contact and facial expressions. He is giving clear answers as well as making the interviewers respond in an almost debatable way. They talk about past records, their career history and ticket prices that created the debatable conversation.

Analysis of Tenacious D interview:

This interview is set on the stage of a late night chat show. It is set with the interviewer on the right behind a large table and the interviewees on the left on singular sofa chairs.  They have a background of a night sky by the sea with two islands either side illuminating themselves with lights. The sound quality is clear with no background interference however you can hear the live studio audience in the background with their laughter.

The camera angles used in this interview use the two person shot where you see both the interviewer and the interviewees and switches when the interviewee is talking to a medium wide shot close up. The only other camera angle used is when Jack Black does his roll and the camera angle becomes a lead room shot. The camera lines up well with the interviewer and interviewee keeping at the same eye sight level and showing them facing each other. When the camera is facing the interviewer, he is placed in the center of the shot which is not strictly obeying the rule of third but when the camera is on the interviewees the rule is obeyed.  The lighting is a well lit stage with targeted light on the individuals on the stage to make sure that they are clearly seen and that there are little shadows to disrupt the picture.

During the interview, Jack Black talks about things such as where there band started off, the what he things about other bands and some stunts that he used to do during his concerts which he later on preforms. We also learn during this interview that his band will be playing later on in the show. The body language given off by Jack Black is positive with good eye contact, hand movements and interaction. He doesn’t show the typical sitting up straight posture but instead leaning back with one of his legs crossed showing he is taking this interview in a much more casual manner.

Interview Analysis

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