Radio Breakfast Show Comparison (Unfinished)

Radio One Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw Analysis

The show starts with intro music that is upbeat and lasts about a minute. The music is upbeat because it is to wake people up and to grab their attention. After the introduction music you next hear Nick Grimshaw greet the listeners and introduces himself, the show and the time and date. A song is then played but he introduces what the song is at it starts to play.

After the song he reminds us what the song was and says the time and date again as well as say the name of the show again. After that a different song is played which is a different kind of song to appeal to a more diverse audience. Once the music is over, he says the name of the song and band again then starts talking to the listeners as if it was a casual chat. While he is talking there is background music, which sounds like techno, plus it slowly gets quieter as the presenters speak.

When they talk they try and sound like their targeted audience which is a younger

Radio Breakfast Show Comparison (Unfinished)

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