Continuity Filming




1/ The objective of the task was to record a simple every day task and record a tutorial using the editing and filming style of continuity making it look fluid and smooth with no jump cuts with either the visual or audio. Once the recording and editing was done it was to be uploaded to YouTube.

2/ The effectiveness of the group was good. We were in a group of 5 and had someone assigned to do a specific role so everyone was involved. I was the camera man so my responsibilities were to get the right angles, quality and shots when recording. The other group members roles were to direct, check sound and help participate with the actual hair plaiting.

3/ The skills I learnt through this task was the 180 degree angle way of shooting to make the recording look more smooth and correct from a viewers point of view. I learnt about different styles of recording and am now more comfortable with it as well as the way of editing it.

4/ A problem that I faced personally was that the editing software was a bit faulty and kept dropping the audio/lagged behind audio. I fixed this by rendering the entire work area more often then usual which seemed to work however made it a lot more time consuming.

5/ My feedback from my tutor was that the end video was a good smooth tutorial and I completed all the necessities needed for this task. The audio was good with good volume music and dialog as well as good speed effects of the hair plaiting. The angles of the recording were all good and got a balanced prospective of the hair plaiting from different even angles.

6/ Next time when I do a similar task I think I will improve by using longer backing music instead of changing half way even though it blended in well. I would also find it easier to have a tripod for a more steady shot instead of holding it by hand.

Continuity Filming