Radio One Breakfast Show




1/ The task was too create a minute long radio one breakfast show with added music, sound effects and intro music. We had to talk about a chosen topic of our choice and make it sound like a typical Radio One breakfast show that would air each day.

2/ The group work was good as we worked well together as a pair with a balanced sound of voice from each person. We both gave it energy and made sure that were was little, if any, silence which there never should be on the radio.

3/ I learnt how difficult it is to time everything into just a minute but also learnt how to add special effects to enhance the topic of conversation. I also learnt how being in a different room can make the audio difference. On our first try we tried to record our audio in a room that was very echoy and did not sound good. We later on redid the audio recording in an empty room but with more stuff in it to make it sound less echoy which worked.

4/ ┬áThe feedback i received from my tutor was that the work overall was good. The only complaints he had was that my voice compared to Veronica’s was a bit quieter so next time I will make sure to make them an even volume.

5/ An area for improvement is too try and make it closer to a minute long next time to keep into the time scale as well as making sure that all the audio and voices are at the same volume and even. Maybe also to add a couple more sound effects next time as well.

Radio One Breakfast Show