Promoting Local Music Scene

The research we found out about Impuritas is a death metal, sludge, death core band that is a local band based in Kent. They formed in late 2012 and have the goals of writing music and preforming that music in front of a live crowd as well as realising many albums. The band consists of 5 members (Tom, Alex, Mac, Nik and Jordan) and they realised their fist demo in November of 2013 called “The Human Condition.” They promote themselves on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

The ideas we have for our project is to get good angles when recording the band while interviewing. We plan to have shots of the band answering questions as a group as well as having close up singular shots. We also plan on capturing still images to edit over the interview to show them preforming live. The method of interview we will be using is the 1 camera 2 persons interview where it pans out from interviewer to the interviewees with smooth transitions. The questions we will be asking will to learn more about the band such as why they formed and also to ask them questions to get more detail about their future plans which will also tell us how people can join in and see them live.

The audio we will record for the podcast will be the same audio we will be using for the interview just without the visuals, however it will be cut and edited to fit the time limit which is 2 minutes long.  There will be no silent moments and it will all flow in a constant motion.

A digital platform that I think would help promote the band is to continue to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube; but to also use more social media such as Instagram to spread their name and image. I also think a good digital platform is to have a fan page which is dedicated to purely them which has access to see individual band members information, details on their gigs plus tours and where they will be appearing, and links to where they can buy tickets.

My individual role on this project is to act as the cameraman. I need to record the interview and make sure that everyone is in frame, that the visuals are good quality and that it all looks professional. I also need to take still images of the band as they preform live to include into the edited interview as an overlay.

The qualifications and skills needed to be a cameraman is firstly practical experience, the enthusiasm for it and the relevant experience which are usually more valued compared to qualifications. The academic qualifications that would be ideal would be a degree in television, film, photography, media studies or preforming arts. Also the persons interest, enthusiasm  and being able to show the practical experience they have learnt is a major factor. The roles of the job are usually to set up equipment safely, following camera scripts, planning and preparing scenes, working well with other technical staff such as sound and lighting and capturing all that’s needed and not missing anything. Cameramen work with cameras of different sorts. The can use normal still imagine cameras to show more of a photography side of camera work or they can use a camera designed to record to capture motion and movement. The cameras are often on things such as tripods to keep the shot steady and filters to get different types of shots.

Cameramen work with all kinds of people such as sound men who focus on capturing the audio to the clearest of its ability, the director to know what they are doing and given orders in what to record, lighting staff to make sure that the thing being recorded isn’t too dark or bright and a clapper to take the scenes which helps a lot for editing later on once everything is recorded.


Promoting Local Music Scene

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