Impuritas Project

Our team went to the Impuritas studio too see the band members for an interview. Those members were Alex and Mac who play the guitar, Nik who plays bass, Jordan who plays drums and Tom who does vocals.

We asked them how they formed together and learnt that it was Tom who started the band with a now ex guitarist band member then got some of their friends to join. Later on, Jordan joined followed by Mac and then Nik to replace their old guitarist.

We followed up by asking which music artist inspired
them to be in a band the most. We got a range of answers from each band member such as White Chapel, Elevenants, Rings of Saturn and Trates of Florida.

After this we found out about their future gigs. On March 11th they have a gig in Croyden joining other similar bands such as Nightly Abyss and Monastries, World Eater and Sea of Treachery. They told us what we will be expecting from their future gigs which was more violence, more slam and more aggression. We spoke to two fans of Impuritas and asked them what was their favourite memory at a gig. They replied with one of them getting punched in the face and they still laugh about it to this day!

The band members are all very close and like to have a laugh and joke around. When we asked them the question “Who is the bossiest in the band” They all replied with one answer in unison “Tom!” followed by a lot of laughter. Tom then replied saying “looking after them is like working at a day care center!” They also joked around when we asked them what we will be expecting in the future and one of their answers was “Tom’s beard getting longer”

Impuritas are available on these social networking sites below. Click the links below to support this band, as well as to get updates on their next tours and gigs.









Impuritas Project

One thought on “Impuritas Project

  1. Feedback: Video interview: The planning process was excellent. You worked very well as a group and thought of everything. Your contingence plan saved your shoot. We have disused your work already but just to reiterate, the final edit is simple sot reverse shots with some use of additional footage to illustrate part of the interview. You managed to cut down the interview and keep the interest in the subject going. There is inconsistence in sound quality, therefore in the future pay attention what can you hear and what is going on in the background. The simple solution to this would be to record few minutes of ambient sound and place it in the background.
    Audio interview: This is the weakest piece of work by you so far. It is never good idea to rely on the sound of video for the audio medium. You should really arrange to interview bend separately just for the audio piece. The quality of the sound is inconstant throughout, There are big jumps in the sound levels and lots of popping sound. You need to take all those elements in consideration when attempting another similar project.


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