Extended Project, Poster


First Poster Analysis:


http://img4.okidoker.com/c/1/6/7/67939/4308095/8949309_2 – Last Accessed 14/03/2016

What I like about this poster above is that it has the a gimmick all the way through. It is a digital tour and the text of the time and date is in a data like font. The layout is good with the top half being the title, date and time to capture your eye with its unique 3d like design; and the bottom part is the list of all the bands playing in that event. It also shows the links on where to find more information as well as a contest to win free tickets. The colour scheme is a black background with some blue for a more electric feel. The text is in white to make it stand out and easy to read. If I was to use something from this design, I would use the top half for the logo and tour title as well as use the layout below to make it easy to read and give all the information necessary.

Second Poster Analysis:



What I like about this poster is that it has all the bands that will be playing in the festival in the centre with their unique logos. I do think however that this is a bit difficult to read at times and not many bands logos stick out. The main attractions for the festival are at the top in a larger sized font then the rest. The details of prices and offers are all clearly at the bottom of the poster and where to follow them on social media as well as get more information on the festival. If I was to use this design, I would use the layout as well as the black background to make things stand out.


My poster:

Impuritas Poster

Extended Project, Poster

One thought on “Extended Project, Poster

  1. Feedback: Excellent contextual analysis of your chosen music bands posters. You have identified the key aspects of each design in connection to band music and their image.
    I can see where the inspirations for your own poster come from. The final poster is done in simple and effective design following the genre conventions of heavy metal music.


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