Peer Review Proposal Comparison

Proposal One: M.B – Life within the Ocean

Does it make sense? Why? – Yes it did make sense. I got a good background behind the reasoning behind why she wanted to do this project and has stated who has influenced her. With the way she described it was deep, meaningful and something she was clearly passionate about. She has stated what research she is going to do and how it is going to help her final result so you get a good range of what it is going to look like.

Do you think they will be critical in their analysis? Why and How? – I think they will be quite critical mainly because she is taking the negatives of something she is very passionate about to display awareness and has a reasoning behind it. She stated in their evaluation planning that they are going to be looking back over their work in depth and analysis it as well as ask peers for their opinions and how she can improve to get more than one mind on her final piece. She also said she wants the publics opinion and take any criticism from there to make it better, she is doing so by posting photographs of her project on social media.

Proposal Two: G.D – Wearable Sculptures

Does it make sense? Why? – The project somewhat makes sense. She talks about her journey and motivation towards her final major project and gives lots of references to who inspired her to choose this project. She stated her audience however stated it at such a large gap it is hard to picture mentally who it is really targeted for. There is no indication of actual design ideas or anything to feed the mind what the end result might look like in any sense which leaves you puzzled.

Do you think they will be critical in their analysis? Why and How? – She will be critical, she states that she will be reflecting and evaluating her work on a weekly basis in a analytical way. She states she will be asking peers for their opinions while asking tutors for formative assessments as well as conclude with a final evaluation of her work. She also stated her targeted and desired grade and that she will be thorough to get it.


The first proposal you can picture the project quite clearly as well as understand the reasoning and passion behind it while the second one you don’t get much of an image or reasoning at all other than who inspires her to do the project. They have both referenced well and said who inspires them and who their targeted audience is however the first proposal was more effective than the second. Neither proposals have really said however the types of research they will be doing for their project apart from stating they will be using the internet and books so nothing stands out that they are going out of their way or doing anything unordinary when researching.

I believe they will both be very critical on their work as they have both stated that they will reflect and analyse their work on a weekly basis as well as get peers and tutors opinions to see how they can improve and get the grade they desire.


Peer Review Proposal Comparison

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