Weekly Evaluation

Week One

April 18th – Our target this week was to brain storm ideas for our Final Major Projects by creating mind maps, listing our skills and learning about ourselves. I was successful in creating my mind map as well as making Powerpoint to display my skills about myself, showing my strengths, weaknesses, fears and positives. I was also able to play three ideas that I could use for my final major project which was “what is the future of television?”, “why is UK teaching different compared to teaching in other cultures?” and “the daily life in education in Sweden.” I have decided to go with the idea of “What is the future of television?”

Week Two

April 25th – Our target this week was to complete a SWOT analysis of ourselves, begin our research and plan our proposals. I was successful in creating a SWOT analysis which listed my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I also created a SWOT analysis for my project for my research that also started this week. My main focus this week was to start looking at secondary research and get ideas of how I can capture my project.

Week Three

May 2nd – Our target this week was to continue with research for our final major projects. I continued with secondary research by looking up things online but also began to set up my secondary research but creating polls online and sharing them around social media. I began to list the pros and cons of both television and online streaming services in my research Powerpoint which was starting to take form. I also decided on the way I want to shoot my project which was in a multimedia style of both video, audio and print. I also contacted a couple of people to possibly interview on my audio piece by sending emails and social media messages.

Week Four

May 9th – Our target this week was to create and present our pitches and proposals which included an informal Powerpoint presentation of our projects. I was successful in completing my pitch, proposal and Powerpoint as well as presenting it in front of tutors. A problem I did encounter was that my proposal was laid out incorrectly and had to be rewritten a couple of times to meet the rest of the standard of work. When this was completed, I continued with my research.

Week Five

May 16th – Our target this week was to complete our research and pre-production paperwork. I was successful in completing my research which contained both primary and secondary research. I managed to gather my poll results and get an interview ready for my audio piece. I completed all the pre-production paperwork late this week however within the deadline which covered things such as health and safety, budgets, treatments and evidence of location. I booked some equipment for next week for my video piece which included a lapel microphone, tripod and lighting.

Week Six

May 23rd – Our target this week was too begin production as scheduled. A problem I instantly encountered was the person I was originally meant to interview canceled the day before the interview, so I had to use my contingency plan of interviewing someone else which would not be available until next week. During this time I also added more stuff towards my research such as techniques of recording and interviewing as well as reflecting on my previous work and assignments throughout the year at college to help me get a good idea of what I can do to improve my project. I recorded my footage for my video, however I ran into several issues of recording from audio problems to poor quality even after the settings had already been sorted with the testing before the recording.

Week Seven

May 30th – Out target this week was to continue production during the half term. I completed my audio piece with my interview which went well without any problems and saved all the audio to both my memory stick and Onedrive. I went into college to edit my audio piece which lead to it being completed this week, again without any problems. Once that was finished, I started to edit my video but ran into more problems such as software not importing the media files. Once this problem was resolved, the software seemed to lag and crash often making it not possible to edit so I decided to wait until next week when we are back at college so I could have some support through these technical difficulties.

Week Eight

June 6th – Our target this week was to complete our production and begin post production. I had my audio piece listened to for some feedback and received positive feedback. I did however need to edit a few extra bits and redo my outro due to it being a bit too sudden. I also attempted to edit my video again however it continued to have the same problems as the previous week. I asked several tutors for assistance to see if we could sort out the problem however after two days of trying (Monday and Tuesday) we were unsuccessful so I had no choice but to scrap the video part of my project. I then started and completed my written piece. As my video failed, I decided to put as much content from the video into the print part of my project which ended up to be rather successful. I was also successful in adding my audio piece to the print piece and adding links turning it into the style of an interactive web page.

Week Nine

June 13th – Our target this week was to complete our post production and wrap everything up. I handed in my print piece for it to be proof read from some peers who helped me correct some grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as structure it better. With this, I reposted it on my WordPress blog and made sure everything was Harvard referenced in my pre-production. Once I completed this, I completed my post production by writing up an evaluation for my whole final major project, listing the details of what went right and what went wrong as well as providing evidence of the video part of my project that was dropped.

Week Ten

June 20th – Our target this week was to make sure everything was completed before the 22nd June and to create a presentation by using Powerpoint so that we can present our projects in front of our class. I corrected all work that was needed of correcting which was pointed out with feedback from my tutor. I then created and completed my presentation Powerpoint for the deadline. Once all this was finished, I made sure there was no more work that needed to be completed and completed this weekly evaluation by making sure that there was nothing I missed out throughout the weeks.

Weekly Evaluation

One thought on “Weekly Evaluation

  1. a.kopric.media@gmail.uk says:

    There is clear evidence of ongoing self-reflection / evaluation of your FMP project. You have set yourself weakly targets and have effectively evaluated targets outcomes. You were systematic and methodical in your project planning and showed confidence in managing your time and resources. Even though your video piece did not come out as expected you quickly diverted your project to an audio and an article piece, with both successful end results.


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