Week 1,Task 1 – Magazine Analysis

  • Analyse the images used; what do they represent?
  • Where is the image set?
  • What does the setting communicate?
  • What written information is provided on the front cover and why?
  • What skills and techniques are used to communicate desired message to its target audience?


S-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com. (2016). [online] Available at: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/5a/3c/87/5a3c87529459d321197d305a9b7b7e93.jpg [Accessed 21 Sep. 2016].

This image is used to promote men’s fitness and health. They use a healthy and fit individual in the centre of their cover with surrounding text, the individual in the centre of the magazine is usually a well known person or celebrate to attract people familiar with the individual or motivate to be more like them. With this image as well, it is taken straight from the TV show he stars in called “The Walking Dead” in a photo shoot. The text surrounding the image is in two different colours with several different sizes. The words that are larger are to catch peoples eyes and what people will be more interested in such as “Sex” and “Flat Belly Fixes!” All of the other stuff such as the sub titles under the large text are a lot smaller to make people read it. They used two different colours to keep it simple but to also make it stand out unlike if it was all the same colour. The information on this magazine cover varies between a couple of topics. The main one being how to get fit which is what the magazine is about, such as the 7% body fat diet and the flat belly fixes that are clearly shown on the cover. The second topic that is shown is stuff to do with nutritional fitness such as diets and secret recipes, this is shown in the 7 perfect muscle smoothies, eat to get lean and 273 best fitness and nutrition tips. The rest of the information is targeted at men such as the read her sex signals and fool proof wealth tips. The skills and techniques used to capture the readers attention is firstly the familiar faces on the cover who they know off TV, sports, news or icons. They will also use a simple lay out with a simple colour scheme to make it stand out compared to magazines that are all colourful. Finally, they know  their audience and what will grab their attention, and they used that by putting the things people are mostly interested in and make the font bigger for that topic to make it easier to see out of the rest of the text.


Cosmouk.cdnds.net. (2016). [online] Available at: http://cosmouk.cdnds.net/15/10/1280×1748/gallery_nrm_1425300729-camerondiazcover.jpg [Accessed 21 Sep. 2016].

The magazine cover is for Cosmopolitan, a magazine targeted at women for fashion, shows, sex and gossip. In the centre of the magazine there is a individual posing for the photo. In this magazine, there always seems to be a female celebrity doing a pose for the topic of the magazine with a quote next to them. The example of it this time is how Cameron is wearing very casual clothes while drinking with the quote “I’m comfortable being who I am” in the “Love your Body” headlining magazine. Even though the picture is in full colour, the rest of the magazine has a simple colour scheme of two colours. The text around the image is targeted at women as it is stuff they are interested in, fashion, health and gossip. The headline is at the bottom of this cover and is the largest font with a lengthy sub heading underneath it. There are more examples of the more eye capturing stuff that women are more interested in being in a larger font than the other surrounding text. An example of this is the “382 shoes” that has its own background circle to make it stand out more, and the “4 things all confident women do in bed” being much larger than the rest of the text.


Magazine.org. (2016). [online] Available at: http://www.magazine.org/sites/default/files/W-Oct14%20-Cara%20Cover.jpg [Accessed 21 Sep. 2016].

This is a cover of W magazine, which is targeted for women about people, fashion, culture, beauty and asking the questions; who, where, what, when and why. This cover has a celebrity in the cover posing for the shot. She is dressed in fashionable clothes and has had her make up all professionally done. The way she is posed is to make her look she is interacting with the reader based on her eye contact and the way she has her head turned to look at the camera. He style is based off the title of this magazine about the royals and is dressed very smart yet fashionable. The background of this image is like a empty room which helps keep your eyes on her. The text surrounding the magazine cover is firstly, the logo of the magazine which is the largest piece of text. Next is the rest of the test which is simple with a two colour scheme and has large headings with slightly smaller subheadings. The headings and subheadings are also in different fonts, which from a first view makes it more difficult to read, especially as the text blends into the background quite well. An example of this is the sub heading of “Fall fashion opulence” where due to the background being a light grey colour and the text being white, makes it difficult to read at a glance. Also, in the subheading of “The new Royals” they changed the colour of Cara to white as she is the individual on the cover of the magazine. They did this to help identify who this person was for unfamiliar people. With this magazine they didn’t use a lot of text or anything to grab in the reader, however even though they kept it very simple they still managed to make it interesting enough to buy.


Allpdfmags.net. (2016). [online] Available at: http://allpdfmags.net/uploads/posts/2015-01/1422543927_cfkbjabsu2yrt0o.jpg [Accessed 22 Sep. 2016].

This is a magazine cover of the Top Gear magazine, which is purely about cars and everything car related such as races, prices, rumours and the Top Gear TV show. The first thing about this cover is the big Top Gear logo which is in a black, bold, large font so the reader instantly knows what magazine this is. Another good thing about this logo is that it is its in front of a bright background so it really sticks out and catches the eyes of people. Next on the cover, three cars in the centre which relate to the main title of the magazine, “Judgement Day.” The main topic about this magazine is the three cars that are shown going head to head against each other to see which one is the best. The title is very interesting and doesn’t spoil anything inside the magazine which makes it a lot more tempting to buy if you are interested. The background of the image is a road with the effect of the cars moving fast towards the camera making the cars look like it is a close race between them as well as super fast and like it is a real competition. There is surrounding text around both sides of the image all about car guides and talk discussing what are the best cars of the year 2015 and updating the reader about the car news in both sports and manufacturing. Under some of these sub headings there is in a small black font in brackets some text. This is all light-hearted and brings a sense of comedy towards the magazine. The text seems to be all the same size that is around the image and the same font and colour keeping it simple. There is also some smaller text with a black background that just lists some more cars that will be talked about in the magazine. At the very top of the magazine there is a update on the TV show with a picture of the presenters which tells the reader that the show is coming back soon, but doesn’t give a date unless they read inside for more information. This is smart because even if the individual isn’t a huge car fanatic but enjoy the TV show, they still have a reason to look inside to find out the information they need. Finally at the bottom of the cover, there is a grey boarder which hints towards some extra content within the magazine, telling the individual that there might be some more hidden gossip or news inside. From this cover, you can tell that this magazine is targeted purely towards car fanatics of every scene, there is no target of gender, race or age.


Week 1,Task 1 – Magazine Analysis