Christmas Project Evaluation

The effectiveness of my groups  work was excellent. We worked well as a group as well as communicated well and kept each other up to date with our progression, current tasks and how we felt about each piece we did while giving our own ideas on each others work to make the whole thing better.

The final product matched well with what we originally planned with the time that we had to complete this project. Everything was on time while staying creative and keeping up to a standard that we were happy with. We edited our project using Adobe software both Audition and Premiere.

As a group I believe we worked well. As previously stated, we communicated well. We worked well each helping each other out on our own tasks from pre-production to recording and editing. We did our own tasks then let the other people in our group review it and give their opinions to make it better as well as our own. My roles was to help out with the pre-production as we all did and edit the audio for both the audio piece and video piece.

Throughout this project, I gained more experience in working with audio software. My time keeping skills were also shown as we only had two weeks to complete this project from pre-production to post-production. If we could of improved this project it would be to make the film look more professional as well as get different locations. I would also like to of played around with the editing to see what things worked and what didn’t, yet due to the short time limit given for this projects completion, it was a bit rushed and choppy.

Our intended targeted audience was individuals of all ages and genders but to emotionally persuade people of a higher income to help realize that there are people out there who are a lot worse off then them and have no home to go to unlike them. We tried to show this by showing a couple of people act homeless, showing how they are cold and have little to call their own. We also showed this by showing how they are ignored when all they are asking is a little donation which would mean a lot to them.

Christmas Project Evaluation

Christmas Project Pre Production

We decided to choose the poem ‘My Home’ by Lauren Harvey as we felt it was the poem we could best create visually. Every member of our group enjoyed the way it was written and the repetition of the sentence ‘my home’. We liked the way it effectively conveyed emotion to the reader, and felt that this would help us even more when trying to create an audio feature; the paralinguistic features from the reader (tone of voice, pitch, etc) will help within our audio piece, but the original piece of writing also already portrays emotion effectively, contributing to how the listener will feel when listening to our final audio piece. The impact we want to create with our video and audio pieces are to try and make young people, mainly teens, more aware of homelessness amongst young people. We want to change the perception of homelessness within youth, showing young people that it isn’t just a specific age that can become homeless, and not for the same reason, attempting to sway away from the stereotype when it comes to the homeless. Our intended target audience is teens, aged 13-19. We decided to go for this age group as we feel out video will be mature enough for thirteen year olds, but also able to convey a message to those up to the age of nineteen without being too long or complicated. We want to keep the interest of the listener and viewer throughout our entire piece.




Andrew Foreman

Christmas Project Pre Production