Christmas Project Pre Production

We decided to choose the poem ‘My Home’ by Lauren Harvey as we felt it was the poem we could best create visually. Every member of our group enjoyed the way it was written and the repetition of the sentence ‘my home’. We liked the way it effectively conveyed emotion to the reader, and felt that this would help us even more when trying to create an audio feature; the paralinguistic features from the reader (tone of voice, pitch, etc) will help within our audio piece, but the original piece of writing also already portrays emotion effectively, contributing to how the listener will feel when listening to our final audio piece. The impact we want to create with our video and audio pieces are to try and make young people, mainly teens, more aware of homelessness amongst young people. We want to change the perception of homelessness within youth, showing young people that it isn’t just a specific age that can become homeless, and not for the same reason, attempting to sway away from the stereotype when it comes to the homeless. Our intended target audience is teens, aged 13-19. We decided to go for this age group as we feel out video will be mature enough for thirteen year olds, but also able to convey a message to those up to the age of nineteen without being too long or complicated. We want to keep the interest of the listener and viewer throughout our entire piece.




Andrew Foreman

Christmas Project Pre Production

One thought on “Christmas Project Pre Production

  1. Well researched and executed project. The recorded voice is clear and sound in consistent in level and quality. You should used some background music to add to emotional effect. I would suggest to re edit the piece with the music.


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