Live Multi Camera Show Evaluation

Evaluation of Sound: The sound was decent, it played clearly and  at the right volume when recorded. However the microphone sometimes didn’t work causing issues with further questions being asked. Next time it would be better to test the microphones before recording as well as have some working spares in case of any other technical issues. There was also some static problems which was not really explained that kept happening throughout the whole recording causing retakes of a live show which isn’t great. To work out what the problem was then fix it to avoid it from future recordings would be good.

V. Mixing: The mixing of the live edit went well. It was cleanly done and well transitioned into different shots throughout the recording. The individual that was in charge of the mixing did a fantastic job even though she was only told the basics. She adapted quickly to the methods and skills used which lead to a pretty smooth overall recording. Next time however it might be better to have someone assist and help her with keeping an eye on the different cameras on which to focus on. Also, we were without communication to the recording area so it was difficult to change anything that needed changing. To improve this next time, some ear pieces or other forms of communication to change the subtle things would be a great improvement to the overall production and team work exercise.

Lighting: The lighting was the main thing I was in charge of. It overall went smoothly and the stage / area that we were recording in looked good. There were a few problems I encountered however. Due to not being familiar with the lighting boards, I was told to remember what the light switches did to each light within a short amount of time. There was 20+ switches to memorize and I couldn’t really see which ones they were allocated too when testing them out to the limited range of visibility due to recording equipment and camera range. Also, some of the lights on one of the sides was aimed wrong so it made a part of the room a lot darker than the rest causing us to rearrange where people that would be asking questions to sit so they would be well lit. Finally, once the whole area was well lit, the lights kind of went unchanged throughout the whole recording due to the correct positions of the cameras.

Camera: The cameras overall were decent. We used three cameras to record this live interview, one focused on the panel at an angle to zoom in on speakers, one focused on the audience/question askers and one still wide shot of the panel. The camera that focused on the panel and zoomed in on the member of the panel answering the question was brilliant at its job. They focused on the correct member of the panel at the right times as well as moved and handled the camera smoothly. The camera that was focused on the audience did good as well. They had a good angle of the audience and

Live Multi Camera Show Evaluation

Short Film Project – Final Video + Evaluation


The task was to crate a 1 minute short drama however without any verbal dialog. The story had to have a beginning, middle and end and exactly a minute long. It must of told a story but could be any genre, my group chose to do a romance genre’d video.

We used the single camera technique to record our video with multiple different shots and angles. We used the technique of far shots, close ups, over shoulder shots and focused shots. We recorded the whole script multiple times but with the camera at different angles to make it flow as neatly as possible.

Our group worked well. When in production we worked as a unit as well as gave out ideas and gave our opinions on different things to see how we could of improved. The camera work was done by Zoe and directed by Emily. The two worked closely and constantly tried to do the best of the scenario they were given. The actors were myself, Andrew, and Vonnie who was again directed well by Emily as well as sharing idea’s between the both actors.

The strengths of the group project was that we worked well together as a team. No one was singled out or left out, everyone had a role to play and we did these roles well. The fact we worked so well as a group helped lead to new ideas and different opinions to help us get the best possible result for our final video. Another strength was that myself, Emily and Zoe all individually edited our videos and we all made it unique into a story of our own image and gave off a different feeling for each one. A weakness of the project was the fact that we had a limited amount of time to complete and film this which lead to things being a little bit rushed however we did not let that effect us.

Overall, the project went really well for what we were set to do. We completed the task before any deadlines and encountered zero issues that conflicted with our project.

Short Film Project – Final Video + Evaluation

Short Drama – Script and Shot list





Scene opens with girl entering train station

Girl gazes across the platform. She catches the eye of Boy on the opposite platform.
She smiles.
On the opposite side of the station, Boy fiddles with his keys, swinging them around. He smiles across the platform at Girl.

They continue to gaze longingly across the station at one another. Boy gets distracted and drops his keys. He shuffles to pick them up, awkwardly. Girl giggles, and smiles back up to him.

When Boy stands up, they lock eyes once more. Then, a train comes through the station and stops on Boy’s platform. Girl tries to look over, hoping Boy doesn’t leave.

As the train leaves the station, Girl looks over to see Boy. Boy is not there.

Girl follows the platform, heading towards the underpass, just to see if he might still be there.

As she reaches the stairs, she stops. Boy is at the bottom of the stairs, facing her. They smile at each other from either ends of the staircase.



Shot List:


Short Drama – Script and Shot list