Short Film Project – Final Video + Evaluation


The task was to crate a 1 minute short drama however without any verbal dialog. The story had to have a beginning, middle and end and exactly a minute long. It must of told a story but could be any genre, my group chose to do a romance genre’d video.

We used the single camera technique to record our video with multiple different shots and angles. We used the technique of far shots, close ups, over shoulder shots and focused shots. We recorded the whole script multiple times but with the camera at different angles to make it flow as neatly as possible.

Our group worked well. When in production we worked as a unit as well as gave out ideas and gave our opinions on different things to see how we could of improved. The camera work was done by Zoe and directed by Emily. The two worked closely and constantly tried to do the best of the scenario they were given. The actors were myself, Andrew, and Vonnie who was again directed well by Emily as well as sharing idea’s between the both actors.

The strengths of the group project was that we worked well together as a team. No one was singled out or left out, everyone had a role to play and we did these roles well. The fact we worked so well as a group helped lead to new ideas and different opinions to help us get the best possible result for our final video. Another strength was that myself, Emily and Zoe all individually edited our videos and we all made it unique into a story of our own image and gave off a different feeling for each one. A weakness of the project was the fact that we had a limited amount of time to complete and film this which lead to things being a little bit rushed however we did not let that effect us.

Overall, the project went really well for what we were set to do. We completed the task before any deadlines and encountered zero issues that conflicted with our project.

Short Film Project – Final Video + Evaluation

One thought on “Short Film Project – Final Video + Evaluation

  1. You worked well as a team member on this task and took the role as an actor with responsibility. I am pleasantly surprised how well you have acted out your role.
    The film storyline is well thought out with interesting twist at the end. All shots are well planned and filmed. The choice of music complements the storyline.
    This is very successful project with credit to yourself and the whole group.


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