FMP – Research – Questions

My FMP is going to be a photograph story book montage of the beginning of a boys life from the point of birth to moving out for work/university to become his own person. These are the questions I will be using to obtain some primary research.

1/ Do you have any favourite memories from when you were an infant? Do you remember from any stories told by your family or from photos people might have shown you as a child?

When I was very young, around 4-6 months old my mother took me to see my gran. When we were leaving hers to make our way home my mother bumped into someone she knew and stopped at the top of the hill that my gran lived on to talk to her and have a catch up. My mother thought she applied the breaks onto the pram that was holding me on to talk to this person, however she did not. As soon as she let go I rolled down the hill with her and her friend chasing for me. Luckily, I stopped and got caught on the curb without any harm apart from giving my mother and her friend a bit of a heart attack.

2/ Do you have any favourite memories from when you were a child? What was your favourite moment from primary school? Did you have any friendships from then that you still have to this day?

When I was in primary school, there was our year 6 play. I was in charge of the sound such as the audio effects and whenever the songs came on playing the backing tracks. There was one time where the person who was playing the PE teacher was sick and I had to cover them which I was dreading due to me having stage fright at the time. When it came for me to preform my part, I was shaking so much that I forgot the script and kinda just winged it, but it did some how all work out. Once it was over I returned to doing the audio again to get told by my teacher that I did a great job, even though it was very random but it apparently made the part more funny which was good. It is something that me and my friend Reece, who I have been friends with since year 3 still talk about to this day and have a good laugh.

3/ Do you have any favourite memories from when you were a teenager? Any events or special occasions that really stand out? Any friendships you made that you still have to this day? Any memories from secondary school? Any relationship memories?

When I was a teenager at secondary school, around year 9, I for some reason got into a lot of fights. I usually came out on top when it came to fights and built a bit of a reputation as “the one to challenge and beat” which I kind of just accepted. I had fights with quite a few people in my year and won which lead the higher years also getting interested. I fought the year above people and won practically most of them too, however then I got challenged by a few in year 11 who were a lot bigger than me. I foolishly accepted their challenge (I think I was being too cocky) and fought them one after the other. Even though I was hurt I did somehow win against them. That is when this year 11 called Thomas who I would later nickname Hutch challenged me later on. I accepted, probably thinking just another one to beat, which was a great mistake. Turns out, he is a black belt in karate and he completely dominated me, beating me so bad that he actually carried me to my next class.

A normal person would give up and call it quits from there, but not me, I think my pride was damaged and I wanted a rematch. I was by next to a building wall and he was up on a hill in front of me. He accepted and ran towards me, once he got close I side stepped and picked him up, quickly finishing him by dropping him straight onto concrete. That hurt him but the real thing he noticed was how close his head was to the wall next to me which was mere inches away from hitting him and busting him open. I helped him up after he admitted defeat and me and Hutch have been best mates ever since for 7/8 years.

4/ Is there anything through growing up that you regret or wish didn’t happen?

Only one thing really comes to mind. A cliche typical teenage break up. Long story short, I liked a girl called Enya from practically the first day of secondary school in year 7. I saw her often as she was in most of my classes and in my form so practically daily. We didn’t really speak until late year 8 – early year 9. We soon became friends in year 9 and became very close by the end of the year. We met up throughout the summer and continued to be friends at the start of year 10. I then confessed to her later on along the line which lead to me being used, manipulated and bullied by her and her friends. People were turned against me and it made me mentally sick, so bad that I dropped out by year 11. It wasn’t a fun time and I regret most of it and the events leading up to it.

FMP – Research – Questions

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