Choosing a Research Topic

Self Questions about Photography:

The topic that I am interested and passionate about is landscape photography. The thing about this topic that interests me the most is the fact that the landscape can be crafted into any design or piece of art. It has a personal taste to it and can be made easily into your own image. Also, unlike photography that focuses on people in it which pose unnaturally, nature doesn’t need to pose or be edited in anyway so it looks better in my eyes and more natural. One of the final things that makes me passionate about this subject and interests me is how a simple photograph can capture a moment in time and display it instantly. It is like, capturing memories through what your eye sees and that has always been a thing that I love about photography which is the main purpose of it all.

Throughout this research, I will be looking at a different range of photographers that use the same style of capturing the image as I will via POV. I want to see how their styles are different from others and how I can take ideas from each of them and incorporate it into my own final major project. The reason why I am looking at only these kind of photographers is because it relates to my project and will help me get a better idea of what I need to do to make my project the best it can be. If I cant find many good or different POV photographers then I shall look at different styles of photography and discuss how I can use their techniques into my project.

Doing this project will be difficult and involve a lot of work and forward planning which I am aware of. I need to research into the timeline of a growing person and what they might interact with as well as visually see. Also adjusting the camera angle to the height from the point of view from each growing group will need some thought.


Timur Zhansultanov


This photograph was taken by Timur Zhansultanov who specializes in photography from his point of view in a style where it feels you can actually see from his pair of eyes. This style has been a project that he has been doing since 2011 with the slogan “In my own eyes.” The style and message he gets across with this kind of photography is to show the simplest and everyday tasks through a different pair of eyes, to get an original and unique perspective from his images. He has shots that cover all kind of scenes such as this one shows of him hunting, but also having others such as cooking, working or skateboarding.

The method he uses to capture these photos is not too clear however through some research it can be said that for at least some of his photographs, he uses a Cannon 550D. The idea of him using a camera such as that, which is rather bulky and heavy, while being attached to his head is impractical however effective. It is said according to the research given: “His images are shot at a 10mm focal length, and given he’s shooting with the 550D’s crop factor of 1.6x, this works out to be 16mm, which very reasonably reflects the field of view for a pair of human eyes.” –

The idea’s are unique especially when considering the lengths of impracticality he is going through to take the photos as close to the point of it looking like an actual image through someone else’s eyes. Looking at the image above, he as understood and mastered the different styles someone can look at something. Obviously when it comes to this kind of style, anyone can just point a camera at something as if they were looking at something. However, Timur takes it to a different level through this image by making the image itself look down the scope of the gun he is wielding, while having the background surround the viewer with none of the trees looking straight like they wouldn’t from a human’s eye perspective.

This image and this style of shooting images is very unique, original and creative. Changing the simplest of takes and the basic ideas which for most people and viewers would seem dull has been reinvented into something exciting. It appeals to any viewer as it is daily tasks via photography. However if someone wanted to, lets say go hunting; but couldn’t afford it or had morals but wants to see what it is like to hunt, they could look at this image and get the feel and idea of it all. It is open to all ages, genders with no restrictions making it a style of photography that anyone can enjoy. – “In My Own Eyes” By Timur Zhansultanov > FREEYORK”. FREEYORK. N.p., 2017. Web. 9 Mar. 2017. – “Photographer Timur Zhansultanov Shoots Creative Point-Of-View Photos Of His Life”. PetaPixel. N.p., 2017. Web. 9 Mar. 2017. – “Timur Zhansultanov | Graphic Designer”. N.p., 2017. Web. 9 Mar. 2017.

Mark Johns:

This photograph was taken by Mark Johns who occasionally uses the style of street photography by using a Go Pro camera. A Go Pro camera is a small mountable camera that can be used to take photos as well as record video and is commonly used for mounting onto cycle helmets, skydiving and underwater diving due to them being waterproof. It is a perfectly little piece of equipment to capture images such as this as it is small, light, practical, mountable and adjustable.

Mark, from Australasia, decided to quit his normal job to become a full time photographer and digital arts specialist. In time, his main focus was photography and aimed to practice and perfect street photography while using the Go Pro. He chooses the go pro over any other camera because a normal camera is big and chunky which has people react or pose unnaturally due to the big lenses being focused towards them. The Go Pro is subtle, light and allows you to get a lot closer to people while getting a more natural shot from the individuals. The method he uses to capture these photographs is by attaching the Go Pro to his head or chest while setting the timer on it to take a photo every one second to which he will later review later on and select the best photos. He aims to act naturally as if he was looking around a street like any other person, however some planning is involved especially if he wants some interesting shots so those in his mind take priority.

“The best Street Photographs are generally taken when the camera does not catch the subjects attention.” – Mark Johns 

Even though the Go Pro isn’t really suited for this style of photography, aiming for more action or sports videos or images, it still does the job well and can be molded into any task given. A few of the downsides of these cameras and style of shooting is the lack of flash, zoom and focus. You kinda get what you get in the moment and can’t control the lighting or angles too much, yet that also is a positive in giving it a more natural street feel to it all.

These kind of images are targeted at all audiences. There are no specific age, genders or orientations that these can be aimed for, it is simply a natural photograph down a street. It is a style of photography that anyone can do and has a simplistic art to it while having shots that are unique and have their own character to them. Even though it isn’t from an exact eye point, but from an eye height, you can still get a feel of what he can see and how natural it is to capture. – “Mark Johns Does Street Photography With A Gopro”. The Phoblographer. N.p., 2017. Web. 9 Mar. 2017.

Analysing these two different ways of point of view photography, each of them send the message of the style of POV photography and accomplish it by using different ways to do as such. Timur uses a heavy but normal camera for photography to capture his shots while Mark uses a smaller more practical Go Pro which isn’t really designed for that style but still works. Each of them give the illusion of it being an image you can see from your someone else’s eyes but again in different styles. Timur’s images show his movements such as his hands and arms (in this case, him holding the gun) to give the illusion there is no camera there at all while Mark’s images show little interaction when it comes to this so you feel like you are his eyes, but also the camera.

The images share a unique idea to them where they are all natural daily tasks or events. From just walking down the street and seeing different things + capturing them to doing tasks or activities such as the hunting photograph. Each of them are great at putting the person looking at the image in that spot and giving them the feel that those are their eyes.

Analysing these images has given me the idea of what to take from each, what is different and what is the same. I like the more interactive feel the way the first section of images gave as you can see them as if it was his eyes. You can see his hands, movements and with no filter or effects to make it feel as real as possible. I do also like the second section of photos, I love how natural they feel and taken in the moment. If I was to use either one of these image designs towards my own project, then I think it would be the first ones due to the fact that my images are designed to be a persons life growing up and we are viewing it through their eyes. This includes their movements, actions and interactions.

Choosing a Research Topic