Research Planning

What is my FMP?

My FMP is a online photography story book throughout someones live via their eyes. It will start from their birth, first sights, to the point where they are old enough to leave the nest and start out on their own life for uni/work. The idea behind this project is to think of someone’s eyes as a camera, capturing moments in your life and displaying them as a book. The question of my project is: “What do we see throughout life?”

What Research can I do?

I plan to research multiple things to cover this project. One of the things I will need to do is research and plan the stages of life the individual from baby to adult. What things they might see, interact with, behave with and react too. I can do this by doing some online research for secondary sources as well as doing questionnaires, interviews and/or surveys to find out what people can think of  that sticks out when they interacted with things at a certain age.

Once that is planned out, I will need to research the stages of eye development for the infant stages as a child’s eye sight isn’t clear / wide until a later age. Once I learn and find out all the information I need for this topic, I can research as well as practice methods on how to give off this effect with my camera. I can obtain this information by using both secondary research, primary and qualitative. If this however doesn’t happen due to it being a vast subject or not getting enough information to be comfortable to practice it into my practical work, I shall skip this part of the project and instead as a contingency plan make the project look more like a memory scrap book throughout the ears.

I will also need to browse things such as magazines and books of different stages of development throughout life to gain an understanding of what I should capture and how I should display it. I need to gain an understanding of what others might of experienced through life that I might not have throughout my childhood/teens.

Also, I will be asking others about their memories and experiences that I can use within this project. There will be set questions that I will layout and take notes during the interview to show my research.

Finally, I need to work out production costs and set ups. What equipment will I need to complete this project? How will I obtain the photographs, how I will edit them and display them. I have already asked a few people of friends and family that have have offered to help and assist me  that will be credited within the project.

Research Planning