FMP Proposal

Section 1, Rationale: My FMP is a photography online scrapbook that is also a timeline that captures the images that our eyes capture as we grow up. The scale of the timeline for this project is from the point of bird to the point of independence. I wanted to do a FMP that would relate and get me prepared for the course I applied for at university. I also wanted to display the skills that I developed with things such as Photoshop while studying at college. A concern is that it will be a lot of photos being taken that need planning however it should remain manageable with proper storyboarding.

The overall objective about my project is to help people relate to what they have seen and missed throughout life. We see a lot of stuff and forget about it. I want to capture the memories that we capture with our eyes and mind and make a book of it all through the stages of life.


Section 2, Project Concept: The medium of this project is photography in an online flipbook scrapbook design layout. The aim of it is to show what the eyes see throughout life when growing up from a new born to the stage of being independent. We see a lot of things in life and many things that we forget; especially in the early years of our lives which is special for other people. So I thought it would be a good project to relive those memories and sights, and capture them for a scrapbook of memories. Memories are a key part of anyone’s mind whether happy or sad. I could make this a scrapbook of a perfect life with only happiness, however I tend to make this as real as possible with both ups and downs from start to finish.

I will be researching into other people’s unique memories and incorporating them into the scrapbook to make the journey through life feel as real as possible and that anyone who reads it can relate too of any age, gender or religion.

I will be taking up the role of the photographer using my cannon 700d camera to get decent quality images and as it is my camera, take them the way I want too.


Section 3, Evaluation: My planning for this project seems to be pretty solid. I have a couple of contingency plans if any possible issues may arise as well as a good way to plan out all my photography. I have left myself plenty of time to also not rush this project and get the best possible result. I will also be keeping a weekly progress tracker which will be hand written in a booklet. At the end of the project I will evaluate the project and talk about the good and bad points as well as how effective I thought it was.


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FMP Proposal

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