Pre-Production Planning


The location of my project will be scattered around the Kent area. Some of the more younger and homely photos will be taken at both my home and my sisters apartment. These photos will be taken in several rooms which relate to the images idea from the living room to the bedrooms. Some of the other places that photos will be taken will be around the local towns of Herne Bay, Canterbury and Whitstable. These locations will be scattered all over the place and it will depend what scenery works the best in the moment. Some of the examples of the photos I will be taking there will be parks, beaches, shops and public attractions such as cinemas and fun fairs. One other location I will be going to is a woodland/forest area in Maidstone to obtain the planned images of an abandoned forest area where teens can hang out and play. I will be getting to most of these locations via driving with my car.

Risk Assessment:

Possible Camera Damages – The camera could get damaged during some of the photos or be damaged before hand due to mishandling and possible collisions with other people and the environment. A way to avoid this is to check the equipment every time before taking the photo and making sure it is safe to take the photo before hand to put yourself and your equipment in a zero risk surrounding.

Possibly Tripping Hazards – Due to moving around a lot, going into different terrains and surroundings, there could be possible hazards that can be encountered that can cause tripping or some sort of harm. A way to avoid this is by moving at a slow pace and being careful about your surroundings. Making sure that the ground you walk on is safe and focus on not tripping over anything that can possibly cause harm.

Possible Hazards to Children involved in the project – A hazard that can occur due to having a small child be involved from tripping over to possible choking hazards. To avoid this, it is important to keep a watchful eye over the infant and make sure they do not leave your side as well as keeping them away from any possible hazards.


The main question I will be asking is “What do we see through life.” The reason I am asking this question is because I wanted to ask a question that not only made people think, but also make people think back to certain points in their life and bring out some emotion whether sad or happy. I will be doing this my producing a scrapbook style memory journal which will have a little bit of text either side of the photos, which will be taken by me, which will help tell a story.

Within this project, it will be from the individuals point of view, however it will include some other people within the production. My nephew will be assisting me through the early stages of my project from his point of view. I will also have a couple of others within my class and family to assist in the photos by being in them, such as Jamie in the class photos or my sister in the younger stages / baby photos acting as the mother.

I will be taking the photos on my own personal camera which is a Canon 700d. They will all be taken in the same format so none of the photos look like they have been taken in a different style however, different techniques and skills will be used to make them look slightly different. I will be using Adobe InDesign to format and put together my book and edit any photos or text within that program.

Pre-Production Planning