Portfolio – Introduction

This is my final major projects (FMP) portfolio for the course of Media Production, Television, Print and Radio level 3, Year 2. What my project is about is asking the question, “What do we see through life?” By this I mean what do we see throughout life and forget because we cant capture that moment and keep it forever, unlike a photograph.

The first part of this portfolio will help you understand the person behind this project, myself, and will tell what my experiences are within this course as well as what lead me to do this for my project. After all of this, this part of the portfolio will finish with my research plan.

The Project:

What makes me do the project is the motivation to make people feel a certain way. When I look through photographs of the past, they make me feel all kinds of emotions from happiness to sadness. I believe this is a powerful thing we can experience and should experience it more often. Some of the best feelings you can have is remembering something you totally forgotten, and I want to recapture that in the style of a scrapbook. When planning this project, I wanted it to feel as real and special as I could. I could easily make this person I am creating have the perfect life with no tragedies or sad moments, however I don’t want to do that. I want to make this person feel as alive as we are. This is why I plan on making my research count and getting personal with others. I plan on finding out some memories, some happy and some sad, from other people that are comfortable to share some of their fondest memories and recreate them through this persons eyes.

Another personal experience that influenced my choice for this project is the fact I love photography. I believe it is a powerful tool that can capture moments and freeze time. Nothing else can really do that the way a simple photograph can and I do believe that our eyes can be just as powerful. One of the things that I remember leading me into this frame of mind was a simple advert for our eyes and how we should look after them. It had a man just walking through a room, and every time he blinked, a Polaroid photo fell to the floor, as if he captured it with a camera, sending the message that our eyes are cameras and we should protect them. Seeing those pictures fall to the floor was an inspiring message that I still remember to this day. Another thing that is somewhat linked to this is recently when watching camera reviews on YouTube when wanting to purchase my own camera, I stumbled across something. It was a Canon advert about how there are over 7 billion people on Earth and we all see the world differently. During the advert it focuses on what different eyes can see and what you experience which was another inspirational and artist motivator for me.

YouTube. (2017). Canon commercial 2014 eyes. [online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2jFzJTw9VY [Accessed 4 May 2017].

Another advert that I saw on television and online which has inspired me is an advert from the “Save the Children” where it follows a single child’s life within a year starting from her birthday and the events that occur. It cleverly done by firstly making it look all normal, happy and peaceful then throughout the video it slowly drops hints that the world this person lives in is going horribly wrong until it goes into an all out disaster. It shows the child loose her home, loved ones, health decline and in constant danger, only for her to end up somewhat alone at the end exactly one year onward on her birthday showing the after effects of what she has experienced.

“Most Shocking Second A Day Video”. YouTube. N.p., 2017. Web. 11 May 2017.

The goal for me with this project is to possibly help people remember things they may have forgotten while growing up. Time passes fast and we cant remember or capture every moment that was special to us or someone else, while with something like this, we can relate, remember and relive the moments that we saw throughout life. The perfect thing about this project, it is for any given target audience, any gender, race, sexual preference and religion. The one audience member it should target more are the ones who have grown up past the early stages of adulthood, however it can be looked at from any age group too as we never stop capturing moments or forgetting those special moments that we should keep safe.

Who am I?

I am an individual who thrives on being creative and expressing himself. I am not a fan of sitting around doing nothing or doing something that involves sitting around for hours on end typing away on a computer. Doing as such leads me to get frustrated and would much rather be going out and being creative and practical which is something I have been since I remember. Through this I learnt various skills and gain some experiences throughout life from working in the real world to discovering what I want to do in life for a career, as well as understand myself some more such as what are my likes and dislikes. Since this, I have gained a strong passion for the environment and how I love its natural beauty which I wish to preserve and protect. With this passion, I finally after years of questioning myself understood what I wanted to do with my life, and that is see the world, explore and capture as a landscape photographer which I am continuing to pursue. I also have a strong connection with the animal kingdom and their well being; so much so that I took a course at college for a year to study more about animal care.

I believe that I am a kind, caring individual that is respectful of everyone’s opinions and beliefs. Someone who makes others feel better about themselves rather than worse off. I do have a few phobias from spiders/bugs, which is ironic due to my love for the animal kingdom, but my main phobia is Thanatophobia, which is the phobia of death. This phobia terrifies me on a common basis, however it also motivates me to make the most of life as it is a one time thing so I do believe you should have fun, don’t let there be any chains holding you back (within reason!) and enjoy life to the fullest. This phobia of mine is another reason why I want to travel, to see as much as I can and create even more memories, friendships and explore this large world.

What did I learn on my course?

I went into this two year course having very little knowledge of anything media related. I didn’t really know how to record videos, take decent photographs, conduct radio interviews or write creative journalistic pieces. However, now I am approaching my final month of this course I can say that I am comfortable with pretty much all of these mediums. Over the past two years, I have completed many tasks and projects towards the final grades of this course. One of my personal favourites was a group project that we recently completed. It was a one minute video of any genre we liked but it couldn’t contain any dialog. As a group of three, we planned out a romance video called Platform 2. We all took different roles; I took the role of acting in the video as well as making my own edited version of it. It went so well that it was a runner up in a county competition at the creative design fest 2017.  https://www.creativedesignfest.co.uk/

What is my project about?

This project is going to be an online scrapbook of memories captured by the individuals eyes as if they were cameras. To capture the special moments from the moments of birth till the moments of independence, for this project, that will be the age of adulthood and this individual going off to university. It will follow the same person from start to finish and I am aiming for this to be as realistic as possible. From the innocent, cant do no wrong infants to the troublesome teenage years. It will be a journey and adventure filled with ups and downs so other people that are reading can relate and connect to it from their own personal experiences and background.

My role in this project is to be the designer, photographer and producer.

Why is my project important?

I feel like my project is important because it connects with the reader on a emotional level. Whether that is on a positive or negative note, it is still something that is powerful enough to make someone laugh, smile, cry or hurt. It is also something I am passionate about. I love photography and how it can freeze time which is the perfect message I am trying to send across, to be able to freeze time, freeze those moments and cherish them forever. I am also using this project as an opportunity to try out and test some new camera techniques to get different styles of photographs and see what works and what doesn’t work, which I shall evaluate during my post production.

My Research Plan.

Section 1, Interest/Topic/Theme:

I looked into a couple of photographers that have done similar projects in the past. Where they focus on the style of “point of view” photography such as Timur Zhansultanov who had an article written about him and his work. There are also a couple of books that my tutor recommended such as “The Fundamentals of Photography” by Tim Daly which shows different styles and techniques of photography. Finally, I shall look into books and magazines about what children especially do in their daily lives as they grow up in forms of learning and entertainment. (95 words)

Section 2, Why is it important? – Importance:

I want there to be emotion involved in my project, from both the creators point of view to the readers whether it is happiness or sadness. I want to show the ability to capture the moments in life and use them to reflect on our own past and remember the things we have forgotten through this fictional life I will create. I want to also show off the skills I have learnt throughout the course and try out some new things within this project that I hope will add to the project in a whole. (95 words)

Section 3, My research questions:

1/ What is the first thing you remember seeing?

2/ What is your earliest memory?

3/ What memory comes to mind when you think of your childhood?

4/ What memory comes to mind when you think of your teen-hood?

5/ Is there a memory which comes to mind that makes you feel happy?

6/ Is there a memory which comes to mind that makes you feel unhappy?

7/ Are there any mental images from any years of your life that stick out?

These will be sent out to people via an online survey for maximum and clear results. (98 words)

Section 4, Research Design:

The subjects i’m going to research are scrapbook designs to get an idea of how I want my online scrapbook to be laid out. I will be conducting a online survey asking the questions above to get as many memories and results as possible, and finally I will be looking into from various sources on what individuals, especially children growing up, do in their daily lives which I can input into this project. As this project goes along, I will gain more research with the more I try out and experiment with, as well as look into something deeper to get a better result for an image. (107 words)

Section 5, Literature (Proposed Sources – Harvard Format):

https://coggle.it/?lang=en-GB – “Coggle – Simple Collaborative Mind Maps”. Coggle.it. N.p., 2017. Web. 27 Apr. 2017.

The Fundamentals of Photography – Daly, Tim. The Fundamentals Of Digital Photography. 1st ed. Print.

Site Monkey – “Surveymonkey: Free Online Survey Software & Questionnaire Tool”. Surveymonkey.co.uk. N.p., 2017. Web. 27 Apr. 2017.

Youtube.com. (2017). [online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/ [Accessed 4 May 2017].


Portfolio – Introduction

Project Action Plan and Timetable

Week 1: 26/04/17

This week, I plan on starting, completing and handing in my FMP proposal. I also plan on completing any work that is left over from the previous unit and having a one to one tutorial with my tutor. I would also need to complete the weekly planning/evaluation booklet with this weeks entry. The resources I will need to complete these given takes will be to have access to a computer to write and publish my proposal and access to my past saved work to edit or complete from the past unit.

Week 2: 03/05/17

This week, I plan on starting and completing my storyboard for my FMP. I also hope to complete all of the pre-production work for the FMP such as the paperwork in the portfolio and the rest of unit 13/14. I would also need to complete the weekly planning/evaluation booklet with this weeks entry. The resources I will need to complete these given takes is firstly, have access to editing software such as Photoshop in order to make my storyboard, which will be displayed as a part of my project to show the journey I went through. As the storyboard will have online images, I will also need access to a Word document to create a neat bibliography. Secondly, I will need further access to a computer to complete the online portfolio work that has been set for us. If possible, I would also like to do some further primary research into some ideas that I can use for my storyboard.

Week 3: 10/05/17

This week, I plan on completing my storyboard fully and have it printed out to have on display at a later date, as well as complete the bibliography as I go alone. I would also like to have all the work that I completed for the online portfolio checked and discussed with my tutor so I can finalise and send it off. I would also need to complete the weekly planning/evaluation booklet with this weeks entry. The resources that I will require to complete these given tasks would be access to the previous work on Word, Photoshop and WordPress.

Week 4: 17/05/17

This week, I would like to finalise all previous work so it is sent off and I can move forward. I would like to start my practical work with taking the photographs that I have planned on my storyboard. As this is a rather large task, I would need a fair bit of time this week to complete it as well as travel around to take all the photographs that I need. I would also need to complete the weekly planning/evaluation booklet with this weeks entry. The resources that I will need to complete these is my camera and its equipment to take the images. I will also be using my car for easy access to the areas around Kent that I need to get to in order to obtain the photographs I require and planned.

Week 5: 24/05/17 *Progression Week*

This week, I would like to complete all the task of capturing all the images I need for my project and begin editing them into an online scrapbook. I would also need to complete the weekly planning/evaluation booklet with this weeks entry. The resources that I will need in order to complete these given tasks would be to have access to my camera and it’s equipment to finish taking the photos. Next, I would need access to the editing software I require in order to make this online scrapbook such as Photoshop and Flipbook.

Week 6: 31/05/17

This week, I would like to complete the editing of my project as well as finalise it and get some opinions/feedback on the project. Once this is completed, I would like to finish my projects post projection by evaluating it as well as the whole experience leading up to it. I would also need to complete the weekly planning/evaluation booklet with this weeks entry. The resources I will need in order to complete these given tasks would be to first have access to the stored photographs and saved editing software and files. I would also need access to WordPress in order to evaluate my project.

Week 7: 7/06/17

This week, I would like to be completed with the whole project; edited, finalised and evaluated. I would also like to make sure my weekly booklet that I have been filling in throughout this project is completed and handed in. Finally, I would like all the work that was previously set in past units to be checked and confirmed to be completed. The resources I will need in order to complete these given tasks would be access to my work from editing software to saved files as well as WordPress. I would also need access to my booklet in order to check it and complete it by hand.


Project Action Plan and Timetable