Extention Project: Review

First review: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/bands/Nickelback/1945/ – Last accessed on 14/03/2016

Intro: The review starts with the reviewer talking about the band Nickelback’s early career saying they accomplished more than most bands in the 2000s as well as describing who they are. He mentions the struggle they had to begin with getting a single noticed outside of Canada until they were successful with their song “How you remind me” gaining them a lot of awards and topping the charts in several countries which was the start of making them as popular and well known as they are today. This introduction was very factual about their early career and how they formed. It also explained well on what was the song that kick-started their bands career and how they got their popularity. It is written in a formal text and the reviewer has clearly done his research on the band.

Body: The body of the interview is in a typical web page layout with paragraphs. This layout makes it easy and simple to read and is also friendly towards other devises accessing the webpage such as tablet or mobile. It is all text with no pictures however the text is size is rather small and in a font that appears thin so it can be difficult to read for visually impaired. The information flow is constant and covers many areas in a timeline manner with a range of topics from them personally to the bands tours and singles. When reading this review, I noticed that there was some miss typing due to lack of the use of the space bar which could be a coding error on the site.

Conclusion: In the conclusion of the review, they finish off by talking about the personal relationship status of the lead singer of Nickelback. They mention the dates of the year when this happened and then conclude with their latest work of them making their first compilation album.


Second review: http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/b6w6 – Last accessed on 14/03/2016

Intro: This review is about Green Day’s new album called “21st century breakdown.” The review starts with the reviewer introducing the album of the bands, how long it took to make and the length it is in total. It is said that the pop bands that are interviewed nowadays aren’t making much money and it isn’t easy to take them seriously. The intro is abbreviated and using words that are disengaging. When reading this it through me off and I didn’t really understand it clearly.

Body: The layout of the review is in a paragraph format in the center of the web page. This makes it more accessible to other media devises such as mobiles and tablets. The background is a dark grey colour and the text is white so it stands out more clearly and it is in a simple font so there is no difficulty reading. There are zero illustrations or links within this review so it is just pure text. The way it is written is very informal, evidence that shows this is the continous use of brackets to make a comment about something as well as a couple of jokes or puns within the review such as “war (huh) what is it good for?” Also, the language used in this is a bit difficult to understand at times with the use of larger or uncommon words and abbreviations.  There is also a use of censoring swears in this review several times to keep it more at a “mature” level.

Conclusion: The conclusion starts with the reviewer reflecting on the album saying it is “refreshing” and that the style of music that is on that album would have realistically died out about 30 years ago. The reviewer then praises the album saying it is creative, but comments saying “it wont change the world” but has the positive effects to make children dance and be happy which is the message that gets the reviewers approval.



In comparison, The first review’s intro was a lot more factual. It spoke about the early days of the bands career and spoke about the struggle to be noticed. The second review opened up with a few facts however then went on the more casual approach and spoke about comparing Green Day to other bands. If I was to gain inspiration from one of these reviews, I would side more with the second review opening wise, this is because even though it isn’t all facts about the band, it shows a picture more of what the band is like than the first. The style of writing I think I would use would be more of a formal approach but not as formal as the first review which seemed to rely on mostly facts.

The body of the reviewers were slightly different layout wise. Both had a dark background with a lighter text colour to make it stand out and both were laid out to be read on different types of media platforms. A difference was the style of writing, the first review was formal while the second one was not; yet the second one tried harder to use more less common words than the first. I would use the first review as inspiration for my review. This is because it is easier to read and understand, however I would also use the same layout which they both use colour scheme wise and the way the text was laid out. I would consider using a slightly larger font though to make it more easy to read.

The conclusions of both reviews were completely different. The first review focused on the lead singers personal life and where/what is the band doing now, while the first one reflected on the band and the bands album in a whole which felt more of a satisfying conclusion. I would use a bit of both for a conclusion in my review. I would speak about where the band is now and what they are planning for the future like the first review did, but also wrap up the review in the same sense that the second review did.

My Review of Impuritas:

Impuritas, A death metal band from Ramsgate Kent, have been on the music scene since 2012 and have taken the local music industry by storm. Their new fresh style on the death metal with lyrics that hold a very close meaning to them is inspiring to many future death metal bands to come.

Their latest album, “The Human Condition” has now been around online for the past couple of years and is still played live in tours and music events today. Their most popular song called “Plague of Vermin” was played at this years death metal event in Croydon on 11th March and got the audience pumped; they played aside with many well known local death metal bands such as “A Night in the Abyss” and “Sea of Treachery.” Impuritas are getting their name out there and are working towards to be a band to be remembered, already they have another couple of gigs planned in the early future such as playing at The Beacon Court March 15th in Gillingham, and at the Maidens Head in Canterbury August 2016. Some friends of the band even get to see then rehearse and practice their new material before gigs such as these if they are in the area. They own now a studio of their own based in their home town of Ramsgate that has everything a death metal band needs from a recording room to brand new instruments and audio equipment.

Impuritas has been through a few changes throughout the years they have been together such as the two people who started the band were Tom and Alex. However due to disputes, disagreements and arguments, Alex was kicked out of the band and was replaced by a new bass guitarist. The one who replaced him was already a friends with most of the band members and was happily accepted into the band. They have said that the band is now better than ever and that they have all become a lot closer friends because of Impuritas.

Impuritas has certainly got a bright future ahead of them and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon. With their positive attitude and motivation towards their music and their love for their fan base, they are going to be around for a long time and making a lot of noise! It is only a matter of time before they release their new album which has been in the works now for a year but it definitely gives the fans of death metal and Impuritas something to look forward too.

Extention Project: Review

Extended Project, Poster


First Poster Analysis:


http://img4.okidoker.com/c/1/6/7/67939/4308095/8949309_2 – Last Accessed 14/03/2016

What I like about this poster above is that it has the a gimmick all the way through. It is a digital tour and the text of the time and date is in a data like font. The layout is good with the top half being the title, date and time to capture your eye with its unique 3d like design; and the bottom part is the list of all the bands playing in that event. It also shows the links on where to find more information as well as a contest to win free tickets. The colour scheme is a black background with some blue for a more electric feel. The text is in white to make it stand out and easy to read. If I was to use something from this design, I would use the top half for the logo and tour title as well as use the layout below to make it easy to read and give all the information necessary.

Second Poster Analysis:



What I like about this poster is that it has all the bands that will be playing in the festival in the centre with their unique logos. I do think however that this is a bit difficult to read at times and not many bands logos stick out. The main attractions for the festival are at the top in a larger sized font then the rest. The details of prices and offers are all clearly at the bottom of the poster and where to follow them on social media as well as get more information on the festival. If I was to use this design, I would use the layout as well as the black background to make things stand out.


My poster:

Impuritas Poster

Extended Project, Poster

Impuritas Project

Our team went to the Impuritas studio too see the band members for an interview. Those members were Alex and Mac who play the guitar, Nik who plays bass, Jordan who plays drums and Tom who does vocals.

We asked them how they formed together and learnt that it was Tom who started the band with a now ex guitarist band member then got some of their friends to join. Later on, Jordan joined followed by Mac and then Nik to replace their old guitarist.

We followed up by asking which music artist inspired
them to be in a band the most. We got a range of answers from each band member such as White Chapel, Elevenants, Rings of Saturn and Trates of Florida.

After this we found out about their future gigs. On March 11th they have a gig in Croyden joining other similar bands such as Nightly Abyss and Monastries, World Eater and Sea of Treachery. They told us what we will be expecting from their future gigs which was more violence, more slam and more aggression. We spoke to two fans of Impuritas and asked them what was their favourite memory at a gig. They replied with one of them getting punched in the face and they still laugh about it to this day!

The band members are all very close and like to have a laugh and joke around. When we asked them the question “Who is the bossiest in the band” They all replied with one answer in unison “Tom!” followed by a lot of laughter. Tom then replied saying “looking after them is like working at a day care center!” They also joked around when we asked them what we will be expecting in the future and one of their answers was “Tom’s beard getting longer”

Impuritas are available on these social networking sites below. Click the links below to support this band, as well as to get updates on their next tours and gigs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Impuritas/

Website: https://impuritas.bandcamp.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxd-19Qve1GFhSxfrzvEpgA






Impuritas Project

Band Interview Practice



This was a quick practice for our main project to interview the band called Impuritas. We will be using this kind of style and format using these kind of shots as well as wind angles with more band members in.

The problems with this interview is firstly that the time we had to record was very small and we did kind of rush some parts. Another problem was that the room we were in had very little room so getting the correct angles was challenging. We also did not have a tripod so keeping the camera balanced was an issue but was resolved with some careful balancing on the cameraman’s leg. Because of lack of equipment, the audio was recorded on the camera that was also recording instead of a microphone which is why the audio at the end sounds a bit distorted.

Band Interview Practice

Promoting Local Music Scene

The research we found out about Impuritas is a death metal, sludge, death core band that is a local band based in Kent. They formed in late 2012 and have the goals of writing music and preforming that music in front of a live crowd as well as realising many albums. The band consists of 5 members (Tom, Alex, Mac, Nik and Jordan) and they realised their fist demo in November of 2013 called “The Human Condition.” They promote themselves on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

The ideas we have for our project is to get good angles when recording the band while interviewing. We plan to have shots of the band answering questions as a group as well as having close up singular shots. We also plan on capturing still images to edit over the interview to show them preforming live. The method of interview we will be using is the 1 camera 2 persons interview where it pans out from interviewer to the interviewees with smooth transitions. The questions we will be asking will to learn more about the band such as why they formed and also to ask them questions to get more detail about their future plans which will also tell us how people can join in and see them live.

The audio we will record for the podcast will be the same audio we will be using for the interview just without the visuals, however it will be cut and edited to fit the time limit which is 2 minutes long.  There will be no silent moments and it will all flow in a constant motion.

A digital platform that I think would help promote the band is to continue to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube; but to also use more social media such as Instagram to spread their name and image. I also think a good digital platform is to have a fan page which is dedicated to purely them which has access to see individual band members information, details on their gigs plus tours and where they will be appearing, and links to where they can buy tickets.

My individual role on this project is to act as the cameraman. I need to record the interview and make sure that everyone is in frame, that the visuals are good quality and that it all looks professional. I also need to take still images of the band as they preform live to include into the edited interview as an overlay.

The qualifications and skills needed to be a cameraman is firstly practical experience, the enthusiasm for it and the relevant experience which are usually more valued compared to qualifications. The academic qualifications that would be ideal would be a degree in television, film, photography, media studies or preforming arts. Also the persons interest, enthusiasm  and being able to show the practical experience they have learnt is a major factor. The roles of the job are usually to set up equipment safely, following camera scripts, planning and preparing scenes, working well with other technical staff such as sound and lighting and capturing all that’s needed and not missing anything. Cameramen work with cameras of different sorts. The can use normal still imagine cameras to show more of a photography side of camera work or they can use a camera designed to record to capture motion and movement. The cameras are often on things such as tripods to keep the shot steady and filters to get different types of shots.

Cameramen work with all kinds of people such as sound men who focus on capturing the audio to the clearest of its ability, the director to know what they are doing and given orders in what to record, lighting staff to make sure that the thing being recorded isn’t too dark or bright and a clapper to take the scenes which helps a lot for editing later on once everything is recorded.


Promoting Local Music Scene

Radio One Breakfast Show




1/ The task was too create a minute long radio one breakfast show with added music, sound effects and intro music. We had to talk about a chosen topic of our choice and make it sound like a typical Radio One breakfast show that would air each day.

2/ The group work was good as we worked well together as a pair with a balanced sound of voice from each person. We both gave it energy and made sure that were was little, if any, silence which there never should be on the radio.

3/ I learnt how difficult it is to time everything into just a minute but also learnt how to add special effects to enhance the topic of conversation. I also learnt how being in a different room can make the audio difference. On our first try we tried to record our audio in a room that was very echoy and did not sound good. We later on redid the audio recording in an empty room but with more stuff in it to make it sound less echoy which worked.

4/  The feedback i received from my tutor was that the work overall was good. The only complaints he had was that my voice compared to Veronica’s was a bit quieter so next time I will make sure to make them an even volume.

5/ An area for improvement is too try and make it closer to a minute long next time to keep into the time scale as well as making sure that all the audio and voices are at the same volume and even. Maybe also to add a couple more sound effects next time as well.

Radio One Breakfast Show